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About Me

The Professional Side

I am an agile organizational coach and president of Pyxis Technologies. I have the privilege to experiment with innovative leadership and management practices in an organization that is the equivalent of a real-life laboratory.

Pyxis helps software development companies to become places where results, quality of life, and fun coexist sustainably by being first and foremost an example of what it proposes to its clients and by coaching them.

Most people agree that I am an effective coach, an influential leader and a change agent oriented towards achieving extra-ordinary results. For nearly 20 years, I have put in place and managed software development organizations. Throughout the years, I have developed an expertise in organizational development, business process reengineering, people and project management.

Education and Training

I hold a Masters degree Management Information Systems and a Bachelor degree in Accounting from HEC. I’m also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a supporter of the Agile Alliance.

The Personal Side

On the personal front, I am happily married to Ida and father of twins – Giordano and Alessia.

I truly enjoy travelling the world with my family discovering various cultures and beautiful countries. I enjoy friendly poker games with my friends and reading books to feed my brain new ideas and concepts.

Why this Blog?

Throughout my professional career and in my personal life, I question popular beliefs, common wisdom and wonder about the status quo – hence I have an analytical mind. With a pragmatic perspective, I look for ways to improve the world around me.

The average worker spends more than 35% of its waking hours working. While most organizations rely on the same management approach, processes, and tools that have been used for decades (centuries?), I believe there are better ways of doing things.

Originally called Human Development “Candid observations on collaboration and intelligence in a business context“, I later changed the perspective to Analytical-Mind “Offering new paradigms to improve performance and quality of life at work” to present opportunities to change the status quo in order to improve people’s life at the office while increasing performance.


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